Signs That Your Heating System Needs a Repair This Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and that means that the weather’s getting chilly. That also means it’s time to fire up and turn on your heating systems. A properly maintained and well-kept heating system or heat pump is crucial to keep your home sweet home comfortable and cozy during the winter. With setting the system for functioning, there comes multifarious responsibilities an d checkpoints that must be considered to stay aware of any malfunctioning or lack of harmony in the operation.

This article explores the indispensability of a reliable heating system during the winter, signs that your heating system needs a heating repair this winter, and things to do if your heater stops working. Continue reading to learn more!

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Importance of a Reliable Heating System During Winter

A reliable heating system is among the most essential equipment in homes. The furnace keeps you warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. In frosty times during the winter, the right size heat pump should work wonders to tackle winter heating issues without any lagging or breakdowns.

To keep the heating maintenance in check, HVAC repairs in Santa Clarita can assist in troubleshooting heating systems and perform any repair when needed. Here’s how a reliable and well-maintained heating system is essential:

» Keeps your family warm and cozy

The last thing you want to be bothered about in winter is getting awakened by the cold at the break of dawn or midnight, lamenting why you didn’t go for heating maintenance this year. Checking and troubleshooting your heater can save you from sudden inconvenience and distress. 

Hiring a professional heating repair expert in the fall and getting a general survey can help you stay at the top of your heating system in the winter. In case of any replacement or repair, you’ll have enough time and resources.

» Preserves good air quality

Furnaces are equipped with filters that trap air contaminants. They help filter dirt and debris from the air to cleanse it thoroughly. Furnace-filtered air helps keep your family safe from allergies and asthma. Maintaining good air quality in a home is also necessary for keeping the ambiance and overall mood lively and spirited. 

According to HVAC repair experts, checking your furnace filters for blockages and replacing them every one to three months is crucial for preserving good air quality.

» Prevents unnecessary repairs and breakdown

Keeping and maintaining a reliable heating system in winter is essential to prevent sudden interruptions in the heating system. Ignoring heating system maintenance and repair can result in issues like increased energy bills, furnace water leaks, regular heat pump shutoffs, carbon monoxide leaks, and pump malfunctions. 

Pinpointing the furnace problems and hiring an HVAC technician can save you from unexpected expenses and repairs, usurping a more significant portion of your monthly income. Keep your heat pump updated and checked to avoid losing your hard-earned money on accidents that can be avoided.

» Keeps your home safe

It is highly crucial to maintain a reliable heating system in the winter. Adopting an annual heat pump servicing and inspection can help you maintain a safe environment indoors. Heat pump employs a combustion process to produce heat. In case of faulty combustion processes, life-threatening gas leaks can occur. 

Primarily, an ill-maintained furnace is at a greater risk of carbon monoxide leaks (CO). So do not ignore when you see the signs to replace an old furnace, as CO is odorless and can’t be detected. This leakage can cause severe headaches and even death. Therefore, it is essential to keep your home safe by adopting an annual maintenance plan.

Signs That Your Heating System Needs Repair This Winter

If you are planning on enjoying the winter to its fullest, it is essential to be aware of any lag points that may become a cause of worry mid-season. Mentioned below are some of the significant signs that your heating system needs repair this winter:

» Electricity bills are going off the charts

If you have noticed a sudden surge in your electricity bills, your heating system might be malfunctioning. An ill-maintained heat pump can make the system less efficient, causing it to operate for an extended period and utilizing a more significant chunk of energy. If you have noticed such a thing, contacting professional HVAC experts is the right option.

» The burner flame has turned yellow.

The normal burner flame exudes blue flame. If you have noticed a sudden change in its color from yellow to blue, there must be some severe carbon monoxide leakage going on. Carbon monoxide in excess can lead to health consequences and even death. 

Therefore, it is advisable to stay vigilant of any color change. In case of color change, contact heater repair services for prompt action.

» Creaking noises are coming from the heat pump.

Old heat pumps are prone to periodic creaking, banging, and rattling. Squeaking noises mainly indicate issues with the mechanical motor bearings. In case of rattling, the motor or blower needs to be repaired or replaced. If you are sure that rats are not causing this squeaking or rattling noise, then hiring an HVAC technician is plausible!

» Adjusting and readjusting your thermostat

Are you tired of getting up and going to your heating system to adjust and readjust the thermostat and still not getting the right room temperature? If yes, your furnace needs to distribute heat evenly throughout the available room. To avoid such a problem from aggravating, getting professional help is recommended.

» System is short-cycling

Short cycling is defined as going on and off of a heating system intermittently. When this switching occurs inadvertently, overheating of a system is inevitable. The overheating can cause the heating pump to shut down completely. To avoid shorter cycles and further issues to surface, calling professional help can assist in making your heat pump work efficiently.

» Sensing a decrease in air quality

If your home’s atmosphere suddenly seems stuffy and hazy, flawed furnaces can be the chief perpetrators. To avoid further damage to the respiratory systems, changing the air filters can prove a boon. However, if changing filters don’t work, seeking professional advice can save your family’s health.

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Things to Do if Your Heater Stops Working

To get your heater up and running again, the following tips can be adopted:

» Survey your thermostat

Checking if your thermostat is responding and tuned to the proper settings is vital to getting a clear idea of your heat pump. In specific models, dying batteries can be replaced. In hard-wired systems, electrical panel wiring must be inspected.

» Double-check the switch and circuit breakers.

For the proper functioning of a furnace, the switch must be turned on and set to “auto.” If the system shuts down, circuit breakers need to be rewired for any tripping or lagging. Reset the circuit breakers to get your system working again.

» HVAC repairs in Santa Clarita

If nothing comes in handy in kickstarting your heat pump, call a professional heating repair expert. Hilo Aire offers professional heating maintenance and repair services to troubleshoot your heater.

Summing up

Winter’s chill requires a reliable heating system. If you’ve noticed spikes in energy bills, irregular sounds, thermostat issues, or a drop in air quality, count on the heating professionals at Hilo Aire. Our team is experienced in diagnosing and fixing heating system problems. 

Don’t compromise your family’s comfort or safety – let us help. Act now to avoid bigger repair bills and ensure a cozy, safe home this winter. Contact Hilo Aire at (888) 445-6247 to schedule a service today!

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