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» HVAC Expert Solutions for Businesses in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley & Parts of Ventura County

Hilo Aire offers commercial HVAC solutions that fit your business’s needs and budget. Our team is proud to serve small and medium-sized companies in Santa Clarita, part of Ventura County, and their surrounding areas. Our licensed technicians are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and reliable workmanship for all your installation and replacement needs to keep your employees and customers comfortable throughout the year.

From your initial assessment to your post-service checkup, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Our experts can discuss any available discounts we may have available at the time of your appointment, such as special prices for service members, seniors, or first responders.

Call Hilo Aire today at (888) 445-6247 or use our online form to schedule an appointment to discuss your commercial HVAC needs in Santa Clarita or its surrounding areas!

» Our Commercial HVAC Installation and Replacement Service

Scorching summers are common in Southern California, including extended periods of time with daily temperatures in the trip digits. Air conditioning is central to your business to keep both your employees and customers cool and comfortable. If your business also needs to keep products from overheating or spoiling, air conditioning is critical.

Hilo Aire offers a wide range of commercial air conditioning solutions that we can install:

  • On roofs
  • On the ground
  • On windows

We are also here to install and replace your heating systems, including heat pumps and furnaces.

Our goal is to find the HVAC equipment that meets your specific needs, including when we need to address different requirements across your commercial property.

Replacing your current HVAC equipment can offer many benefits:

  • It can save you money rather than investing in regular and costly repairs
  • Although your older system may still work, advancement in HVAC technology is usually more cost and energy-effective
  • Most HVAC devices need replacement after a certain number of years
  • Replacing your HVAC system can ensure your employees’ and customers’ safety
  • Your locality may offer an incentive to replace your commercial HVAC equipment with a more recent version
  • HVAC developments help support the environment

What to Expect When Choosing Hilo Aire for Your Business’s HVAC Needs

Hilo Aire Commercial HVAC Services

Hilo Aire has 30 years of experience supporting local businesses in getting the HVAC systems they need. Commercial HVAC installations and replacements require specific knowledge and training due to their differences from their residential counterparts.

When we perform our first evaluation, we consider many factors, including:

  • Potential locations for the units
  • Whether rooms need to be at different temperatures due to their specific functions
  • What type of drainage system your property needs

Many commercial HVAC systems are larger and more complex than residential ones, and our licensed technicians make sure to have all the necessary information before discussing your options.

Do you need commercial HVAC services in Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, or their surrounding areas? Contact Hilo Aire today at (888) 445-6247 to schedule an appointment!