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Professional Heat Pump Maintenance Services – Let Hilo Aire Help Maintain Your Heat Pumps to their Best Capacity

A heat pump offers an affordable solution to heat and cool your home. In Santa Clarita, you can partner with Hilo Aire to keep your heat pump working at its best. Our heat pump maintenance specialists know these systems inside and out and the best care to give them.

If you need residential and commercial heat pump maintenance services in Santa Clarita, call (888) 445-6247 or contact us online for assistance today.

Benefits to Getting Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Heat pumps provide year-round comfort and help lower energy costs, making them a great addition to your Santa Clarita, CA home. All you have to do is ensure your system is properly maintained.

  • Save money on energy bills
  • Avoid costly breakdowns
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Prolong your heat pump’s lifespan
  • Maintain a valid warranty
  • Enjoy greater comfort

Quit your search for “heat pump maintenance near me” and contact Hilo Aire today!

What to Expect During Your Heat Pump Maintenance and Tune-Up Services

Here’s what your HVAC technicians will do during your heat pump tune-up and maintenance appointment.

  • Clear away any dirt or obstructions in ducts, filters, blower, and indoor coil
  • Clean or replace the air filter
  • Look for any duct leaks
  • Confirm the unit is receiving adequate airflow
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Correct refrigerant charge
  • Inspect electric terminals
  • Lubricate motors and inspect belts
  • Flush the drain line and clean debris from the drain pan
  • Verify the thermostat is working properly

To learn more, call (888) 445-6247 today!

Santa Clarita Heat Pump Maintenance Services

Why Choose Hilo Aire for All Your Heat Pump Maintenance?

Our customers throughout Santa Clarita, San Fernando, and Parts of Ventura County rely on us to install, repair, replace, design, and maintain their indoor comfort solutions.

Why Choose Us?

  • Upfront pricing
  • Technicians are fully qualified, licensed, and uniformed
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Provide preventative maintenance programs and flexible service contracts
  • Free estimates available
  • Service all areas and suburbs

Contact us today for a free estimate and see how Hilo Aire can help you with your heat pump maintenance in Santa Clarita so you can relax in comfort.


The cost of heat pump maintenance service and repairs varies significantly based on several factors. Some of the factors influencing heat pump maintenance costs include the following:

  • Type of heat pump
  • Age and condition of the heat pump
  • Size of the system
  • Accessibility
  • The technician’s cost

You’ll want to order heat pump maintenance services from a maintenance specialist who can provide these details upfront before they show up to maintain your heat pump. Contact Hilo Aire for free upfront pricing for heat pump maintenance in Santa Clarita.

If your heat pump is your home’s primary heating and cooling system, servicing it twice a year is enough to keep it running optimally.

Unlike other heating and cooling equipment systems, a heat pump combines both elements and may run constantly throughout the year. Newer heat pumps are designed to run non-stop if need be, so as long as you schedule regular heat pump maintenance, you’ll be fine.

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