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Tech Clean California

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TECH Clean California provides information on incentives for installing heat pump technologies in California. Serving as a helpful guide for homeowners and property managers, detailing how to access these incentives and connecting them with educational resources through the “Switch is On” campaign.

The Switch Is On

The Switch Is on Logo, Link leading to CA rebates page.

Use the “Switch Is On Incentive Finder” as a searchable database for California residents to find incentives for electric appliances and energy upgrades. Helping you simplify the process of identifying rebates for energy-efficient equipment like heat pumps and water heaters based on your specific needs and eligibility.

Rewiring America

Rewiring America Logo, Link leading to the CA Rebates page.

Rewiring America offers a platform for understanding and accessing home energy efficiency rebates. Aiding homeowners in finding financial incentives for energy reduction, with varied rebates based on savings level. Helping low-income families and integrating with other energy-saving programs as part of a broader effort to encourage cleaner energy use through home electrification.

LADWP Rebate Programs

LADWP logo, link leading to the LADWP Rebates page.

LADWP’s AC Optimization Program offers a free tune-up for your central air conditioner and rebates for upgrading to ENERGY STAR high-efficiency systems, helping you stay comfortable while saving energy. This initiative is open to both residential and commercial customers, aiming to reduce cooling costs and improve system longevity through out LA County.

City of Burbank Water and Power

City of Burbank Water and Power Logo, Link leading to the Rebates page for the city of Burbank.

The Burbank Water and Power page provides information on a range of energy and water-saving devices, aiming to enhance home comfort and efficiency. A great resource for residential rebates, and guide on how to apply for rebates for items like Energy Star® certified appliances, air conditioners, smart thermostats, and more. 

California Energy-Smart Homes

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The California Energy-Smart Homes Program is a residential new construction and alterations program that provides incentives to adopt advanced energy measures and transition to all-electric construction. The program is an all-in-one solution that offers incentives for single family, duplex, townhome, multifamily low-rise, alterations, and accessory dwelling units.

Apply For Financing Now

At Hilo Aire, we’re committed to ensuring homeowners can easily access top-quality, energy-efficient HVAC solutions. Understanding that the upfront cost of upgrading your HVAC system can be daunting, we’ve partnered with Service Finance to offer flexible financing options. This strategic partnership underscores our dedication to making energy-efficient comfort affordable for every homeowner.

Affordable Energy-Efficient HVAC Solutions with Hilo Aire and Service Finance
Spread Your HVAC Upgrade Cost with Flexible Financing
With Service Finance’s adaptable financing plans, Hilo Aire empowers you to distribute the cost of your new HVAC system over manageable payments. This initiative ensures that financial constraints don’t delay the necessary enhancement of your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. Opt for immediate upgrades with Hilo Aire and bypass the upfront financial burden, stepping into a realm of enhanced home comfort and efficiency today.

service Finance and Hilo making HVAC accessible to all

Leverage Tax Rebates and Incentives

Investing in an energy-efficient HVAC system through Hilo Aire, facilitated by Service Finance, not only makes your home more comfortable but also more economical in the long run. You might be eligible for tax rebates and incentives, significantly offsetting your initial investment. Our collaboration with Service Finance allows you to take immediate advantage of these financial incentives, ensuring you maximize savings from the outset.

Why Choose Hilo Aire for HVAC Needs?

Selecting Hilo Aire for your HVAC upgrades means you’re not just investing in a superior, energy-efficient system; you’re also securing peace of mind with our affordable, flexible financing options. Upgrade your home with Hilo Aire and benefit from lower energy bills, potential tax rebates, and a significantly more comfortable living environment. We believe in making high-quality home comfort accessible to all our customers.

Key Benefits of Choosing Hilo Aire:

Affordable Payment Plans: Through our partnership with Service Finance, we offer flexible payment options tailored to your financial situation.
Energy Efficiency: Our HVAC solutions are designed to reduce your energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.
Tax Rebates and Incentives: We help you navigate and take advantage of any eligible rebates, making your investment even more cost-effective.

At Hilo Aire, we are dedicated to providing you with not just an HVAC system but a comprehensive solution that enhances your home’s efficiency and comfort. Our partnership with Service Finance is a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction and financial well-being. Get in touch with Hilo Aire today and take the first step towards a more comfortable, energy-efficient home.