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HVAC Maintenance Services

AC maintenance and tune-up in Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas

With summer temperatures peaking and colder months in the winter in Santa Clarita, you need your HVAC system to perform at its best. With routine HVAC maintenance services and system tune-up services, it is easy to identify minor problems and issues that may lead to expensive repairs down the road.

To remain comfortable and cozy in your Santa Clarita home or office during the hot summer season, adequate and timely air conditioning maintenance is necessary. Your AC or heating unit should operate efficiently and effectively with minimal downtime and complications. While that may sound like asking for a lot, it's more than a reasonable demand with the right HVAC technicians and maintenance service team on your side.

With Hilo Aire, you’re getting the best Santa Clarita HVAC maintenance services. You can ensure that your home or commercial space remains comfortable and saves you money on extensive air conditioning repairs. It’s usually very difficult for the average homeowner to notice these issues before they become major problems. This is why frequent tune-up and preventative maintenance from a reliable HVAC company is the best way to keep your AC in excellent shape.

Looking for HVAC maintenance services near me? Leave the evaluation and maintenance of your HVAC system's condition to the experts at Hilo Aire. So, call us to schedule air conditioning and heating maintenance in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas. We will give you an honest and unbiased report on your HVAC system's condition and suggest the best HVAC solutions to meet your needs.

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HVAC Maintenance Services

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Reliable Residential and Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services in the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, and Parts of Ventura County

Save money, hassle, and stress with regular HVAC tune-up services.

When it comes to your commercial or home's HVAC system, preventative maintenance is not optional. It is important and keeps your system running effectively and efficiently. And note that it might even be a key requirement of your manufacturer's warranty! This is why you need residential and commercial HVAC services in the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, and Parts of Ventura County.

Hilo Aire provides an array of residential HVAC services, such as maintenance and tune-ups to address all of your climate control and comfort issues effectively and reliably, with honest and upfront pricing, friendly HVAC system technicians, and a satisfaction guarantee.

If you are a property manager or business owner, you know and understand the significance of an efficient and fully functioning commercial HVAC system. Whether your restaurant or office’s cooling system is struggling to maintain the comfort in your building's heating system is not reliably keeping your customers, and employees warm against the extreme cold outside —you need Hilo Aire.

Our trained and experienced team has been providing HVAC services, including regular HVAC maintenance and tune-ups, for commercial and residential HVAC systems for many years! If you would like to maximize your HVAC system's efficiency, you need to consider a maintenance agreement.

Through the benefits and advantages afforded by our leading equipment, combined experience, and adherence to top-quality service, you will surely get the care and results you've come to expect from a team of trained and dedicated HVAC professionals.

» A/C Tune-Up and Maintenance Services

  • Check refrigerant pressure and levels
  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Check blower motor and belt
  • Replace or clean the air filter
  • Clean indoor coil and the outdoor coil
  • Clean condensate pump
  • Apply protective coating
  • Lubricate moving parts

Why You Should Maintain Your HVAC System

Why You Should Maintain Your HVAC System

Many people do not bother to maintain their HVAC systems. This is because they do not understand why they should pay another maintenance bill to fix something that is not broken. However, this attitude is problematic as it overlooks the fact that most serious problems with HVAC systems are not the result of a single day of neglect.

An HVAC system contains a complex system of electronics, ducts, and moving parts. When parts and components get dirty, out of alignment, or worn, the system gradually starts to perform poorly until it eventually breaks down.

Did you know that systems that are not adequately maintained at least once or twice each year usually suffer a 20% percent or even higher loss in efficiency? Debris and dust start to build up, and daily wear and tear increase the risk of a system breakdown while also reducing your HVAC system's lifespan, and you don't want that.

» Poor Indoor Air Quality

A dirty HVAC system can send all types of dust, mold spores, and other harmful contaminants and toxic allergens back into your rooms. Keep in mind that these particles can spread illnesses and aggravate allergies. Having air filters cleaned and replaced regularly helps remove mold, dirt, dust mites, and other airborne pollutants, improving your indoor air quality.

» Improve the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

You may know that the average lifespan of a well-maintained HVAC system is more than 10 years. If you fail to protect your investment through regular maintenance and tune-ups, you may have to replace your system sooner than expected – costing you more money.

When you've an expert and trained technician perform tune-ups for HVAC systems, you can expect the following:

  • A close and thorough inspection of all HVAC system components
  • Wear and tear check on all belts and other moving parts
  • Cleaning of all condenser coils
  • Minor adjustment and repair fixes as they are identified
  • Thermostat calibration

Regular HVAC preventive maintenance and tune-ups restore your system to its original and more efficient state, priming it for more effective operation. It goes beyond simple DIY maintenance tasks, such as changing air filters and addresses the entire system for premium results.

To maximize the benefits of an HVAC tune-up, the technicians at Hilo Aire create an ideal maintenance process for each California client, performing all the basics, such as cleanings, performance evaluations, and calibrations. We offer the highest tier of optimization possible.

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Important Benefits to Regular HVAC Maintenance

» Lower Energy Costs

HVAC tune-ups and maintenance will significantly lower the sum of money that you will spend each month on your Santa Clarita home's or office's energy costs.

Keep in mind that tune-ups will make it simpler for your HVAC to cool or heat your home or commercial building, and they pay for themselves with these considerable energy savings.

» A Longer Lifespan for Your HVAC

Identifying problems and issues with your HVAC system as soon as possible prevents more damage from occurring. This will extend and enhance your HVAC system's lifespan. Did you know that an HVAC system that receives proper care and maintenance annually can outlast systems that don't by years?

» Boost Comfort and Safety

One of the key benefits of having your HVAC system serviced at least once a year is your safety and comfort. You should know that climate control systems start to work less effectively over time. Also, wear and tear degrade the components.

Tune-ups will keep your Santa Clarita HVAC running as efficiently as possible, meaning that the system will be able to keep your commercial building or home much cooler and more comfortable throughout the summer months.

And routine maintenance also keeps you safe. This is particularly true for gas-powered heating systems. For example, a damaged heat exchanger may cause serious health problems, such as exposing you and your family to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas or posing a fire hazard.

What's Included in Your HVAC Tune-Up?

HVAC maintenance and tune-ups

Your HVAC unit uses plenty of energy in your office or home. You should get your HVAC unit serviced in order to save on your energy bills and lessen the risk of fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning on gas heating units. Our HVAC service professionals and technicians can provide extensive and in-depth services. Our HVAC tune-up consists of the following:

An HVAC tune-up usually consists of three basic steps, regardless of who is doing the work: an inspection, a thorough cleaning, and service that may include repairs and issues detected during the inspection phase.

During a routine HVAC tune-up, our team will inspect your systems:

» Air Filters

We will check to ensure that your air filter is clean and allows proper and unrestricted airflow in your unit.

» Blower Parts

We will remove and inspect your blower wheel to ensure that it's free of debris or dirt and make sure the blower access door has a robust and tight seal so air cannot escape it.

» Ducts and Vents

We will make sure there aren't any air leaks in your vents and ducts that reduce your heating system's efficiency.

» The Safety Components

To ensure that your HVAC system operates safely, we will check the high-limit control feature to prevent your unit from overheating.

How Often Should You Do HVAC Maintenance?

You should schedule HVAC maintenance at least once every year, usually in the spring, before you start using the system for the summer season. On the other hand, if it is your heating system, fall is the ideal time to schedule service. If you've a heat pump system that you use throughout the year, this service should be scheduled every 6 months.

Your HVAC requires regular inspection and maintenance for necessary repairs, cleaning of important parts, and servicing of all functional components so that you stay comfortable and cozy all year long.

During a tune-up, we will find any small problems with your HVAC unit and fix them before they become worse. Our professionals will also ensure that your residential or commercial HVAC system is as energy efficient as possible, saving you hassle and money in the long run.

Your Trusted Professional HVAC Experts

Your Trusted Professional HVAC Experts

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

» Our HVAC Tune-Up Checklist

We will visually inspect the following during the HVAC system inspection:

  • Check refrigerant levels and electrical connections
  • Check the fan and motor bearings
  • Check controls and burners
  • Check thermostat and safety controls

» How is the Air Flow?

  • Test the air filter condition
  • The blower compartment and wheel are clean
  • Wire connections are secure and tight
  • Blower motor amperage is satisfactory
  • The air temperature differential is tolerant

» What is the Condition of the Indoor Coil?

  • The condensation pump and drain are fine
  • The drain pan and coil surface are clean

» The Condenser is Working Correctly

  • Checking electrical wiring, insulation, and connectors
  • Amperage draw on the compressor is within limits
  • The refrigerant levels are within limits
  • The condenser coil is clean

» Is the Humidifier Functioning Properly?

  • Insulation is acceptable, and wire connections are tight
  • Transformer voltage is within the tolerance level
  • The water panel is in satisfactory condition
  • The drain line is unclogged

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At Hilo Aire, our technicians are dedicated and committed to providing a high-quality and affordable service that will not just extend the life of your HVAC system but will also increase your satisfaction and trust in our work. Our commitment to that belief is one of the main reasons we are proud to serve residents in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, and parts of Ventura County.

As Hilo Aire cares about the comfort of our neighbors and the overall community, we treat all our valued customers like our own family members.

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Call us for a free estimate for HVAC tune-up and maintenance. When you hire Hilo Aire to perform HVAC maintenance in Santa Clarita, you know you are hiring a professional HVAC contractor you can trust. For more information on HVAC maintenance and tune-up, contact us today and improve your system's performance and longevity.