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Hilo Aire is your convenient one-stop shop for all your residential AC installation needs in Santa Clarita.

Did you know that an air conditioning system's long-term performance, reliability, and maximum efficiency are directly linked to the quality of AC installation? HVAC systems have certainly come a long way in the last ten years. This is why replacing your old, inefficient heating and air conditioning unit with a new and efficient one is more affordable and important than ever. This is because air conditioning installation in Santa Clarita will save you considerably on energy bills.

Looking for a residential air conditioning installation near me? Hilo Aire offers professional air conditioning installation services in Santa Clarita that make the process quick and simple! It is never convenient to replace your HVAC system, particularly if the system unexpectedly breaks down. Having a malfunctioning AC unit in the middle of the scorching summer is never good.

Remember that poor comfort, costly repairs, and high energy bills are some of the problems or issues you can encounter with a failing AC unit. Also, delaying the necessary repairs will likely cause loss of comfort. That is why the friendly and trained professionals at Hilo Aire work to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Our team works with you in order to find the best AC unit installation within your budget. Hilo Aire is here to take care of all your AC installation needs and requirements.

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Trusted Residential Air Conditioning Installation Services in the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, and Parts of Ventura County

When is it time to replace your Santa Clarita AC unit? How will you determine if a simple AC repair will help keep you cool or if it may be time to invest in a new and improved cooling system for your residential home?

Our expert residential HVAC and cooling specialists in Santa Clarita, CA, will help you understand your options when it is time to replace or install a brand-new AC system.

For several years, our HVAC company in Santa Clarita has provided top-quality HVAC services to residential customers in Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, and parts of Ventura County. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Hilo Aire's licensed and insured technicians replace and install new systems for the best results.

Hilo Aire is dedicated to quality outcomes, and that has gained us favorable reviews from our valued customers. Our dedication to top-notch customer service has allowed us to become one of California's most trusted names in HVAC installation. You can rely on our EPA-certified HVAC technicians all summer long for your residential AC installation and replacement.

Our team specializes in ductless mini splits, central air conditioners, split-system, and residential air conditioners. We have a reputation for reliable air conditioning installations for homes in Santa Clarita.

Residential Air conditioning replacement and installation is a complex and tricky process. Hilo Aire offers high-quality installation of residential air conditioning with professional equipment and the best materials at a lower cost. We install all makes and models of AC systems, and regardless of how big or small the issue is, we have you covered.

» Air Conditioning Installation

  • Manufacturer and EPA-certified AC installers
  • Personalized AC solutions
  • Efficient design standards
  • Highest quality standards
  • Reasonable and competitive prices

» Air Conditioning Replacement

  • Professional assessment
  • Informed recommendations
  • Affordable HVAC options
  • Energy-efficient ductless AC mini-splits
  • Energy-efficient central AC models
  • Timely responses

When to Choose a New Air Conditioning System

When to Choose a New Air Conditioning System

Santa Clarita homeowners know that a central air conditioning system or split AC unit is an expensive investment. However, most AC systems are not designed to last for over ten years. Ideally, your AC system should be energy-efficient and maintain optimal comfort in every part of the rooms of your home.

Most models of older air conditioning systems last about 10 to 12 years. On the other hand, more modern units can last 15 to 25 years because of technological advancements and reliance on coolant other than Freon. Your AC system should be able to lower the temperature enough to allow individuals to enjoy their activities while lowering the humidity that contributes to the discomfort. Many homeowners in California decide to replace an AC unit when it is nearing the end of its useful life. If your air conditioning unit has required numerous repairs over the last few years, you should probably install a new and more energy-efficient unit.

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Here is when to choose a new AC for your home

» Outdated or Obsolete Equipment

Most air conditioners tend to last between 10 and 15 years, depending on the nature and severity of the summer climate. Undoubtedly, technology improvements provide lower operating expenses and better efficiencies. If your system is not performing up to the mark, its parts may have become obsolete. It is better to replace and install a new system rather than splurge on costly repairs.

» Unreliable HVAC Performance

Your HVAC system could become less dependable after ten years. If your HVAC system does not have a date label, you can call the manufacturer to find out how old it is. Your HVAC system will typically survive for well over 10 years. However, if it is not cooling your home or office as well as it should, you should consider replacing it.

» Excessive Dust and Noise

The frequent presence of dust in your home – even after a thorough cleaning, is a good indication that there are one or more leaks in the ductwork. Keep in mind that these leaks and issues will compromise the efficiency and effectiveness of your AC system, increasing your operating cost. There is a high chance that your duct system is not big or powerful enough for the size of your home or commercial building if your air conditioner is overly noisy.

» Your Energy Costs Have Surged

Unless there is a considerable change in your home's or office's energy use and pattern, your energy bill should ideally stay around the same each month, fluctuating a little for A/C and furnace season. And if your energy use habits or consumption patterns have stayed the same, but your monthly energy bill has increased noticeably, it may be time for a new AC.

Remember that higher energy bills may indicate that your air conditioning unit is either losing efficiency or malfunctioning.

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

One of the most important things when replacing your residential AC unit is making sure that the new system you choose can effectively regulate indoor temperatures and humidity levels with ease. You want an AC system that can handle the size of the house or facility without overworking itself. This is why room size is an important consideration. If you choose an air conditioning unit that is too small for a room, you will not feel a noticeable temperature difference. On the other hand, if your AC is too large for the room, you will waste a lot of energy. This is because your system will constantly be turning on and off to regulate the temperature.

Although room size is a vital consideration, every home is different, and there are several other factors, such as location and insulation, which impact your air conditioning capacity requirements. At Hilo Aire, our experienced and trained technicians can explain the benefits and downsides of different types of air conditioning units and discuss which system may be most suited for your home.

Our trained residential air conditioning specialists in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley can recommend a budget-friendly and efficient AC system that will meet all of your performance expectations after considering the following:

  • SEER Rating: A higher SEER rating means a more efficient unit.
  • Unit Capacity: Our system experts and designers run a complete set of load calculations in order to ensure that your equipment is sized to meet the energy efficiency profile for your office or home.

Your Trusted Professional HVAC Experts

Your Trusted Professional HVAC Experts

Our Air Conditioning Installation Process

Air Conditioning installation and replacement involve removing the old AC unit and replacing it with a new and improved one. When you search for "AC installation near me," you should read what each HVAC company offers instead of jumping the gun and calling the first HVAC company you see.

Here is how our installation process works :

» Evaluation and Removal of Your Old System

Before installing your new air conditioner, our team will remove the old system. Before installing your new HVAC system, our crew will access crawl spaces, attic areas, and basements that usually house the HVAC system. During this process, we will take care to protect the surrounding area as well as clean up any debris or dirt caused by removal.

Our team will also perform a complete evaluation of your home's current cooling infrastructure in order to look for air duct leaks and other issues.

» Installation of the New Air Conditioning Unit

After repairing or changing the existing ductwork, our professionals will start installing the new equipment to the manufacturer's specifications. Some components installed might include an outside compressor or condensing unit, the inside air handler or evaporator, and new refrigerant supply lines when applicable.

All electrical connections will be examined throughout this operation, and the manufacturer's recommended amount of refrigerant will be added to the system. Also, your new air conditioner will be checked to ensure it functions correctly before you can start using it.

» Installation of Your Thermostat

You may know that most new air conditioning units and systems come with a new thermostat. So, if you want the new thermostat installed, our installers will do it during the same visit.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems Our Technicians Can Install

When you are looking for a new air conditioning installation professional in Santa Clarita, Hilo Aire is the residential air conditioning company to call. Our team installs all types of cooling systems, such as central air conditioning units, ductless split systems, high-velocity units, and multi-zone cooling systems.

» Central Air Conditioning

Installing a new central air conditioner in your Santa Clarita home can be an amazing upgrade. This unit provides greater comfort and humidity control for bigger homes, commercial buildings, or offices. At Hilo Aire, we install central ACs to satisfy your cooling needs and preferences.

» Ductless Mini-Splits

A mini-split system has two parts that enable operation: the compressor and the head. With these mini-splits, you can save more on energy bills, especially if you have a small space or house. Hilo Aire can install ductless A/C units in your home.

» Heat Pumps

Chosen for their ability to heat and cool a property, heat pumps are incredibly efficient, and we can install a reliable system to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

Benefits of Replacing Your Old AC System

There are many benefits of a brand-new HVAC system. A new air conditioning system offers higher energy efficiency and more dependable performance than old HVAC systems.

Also, replacing your old AC system will allow you to enjoy a more even temperature and improved home comfort throughout your office or home. You will also benefit from better indoor air quality and reduced utility bills.

Choose Hilo Aire for All Your Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement Needs

When you hire Hilo Aire to perform an air conditioning installation and replacement for your residential home, you know you are hiring a professional HVAC contractor you can trust. Hilo Aire trains our AC technicians to adequately size and install all kinds of air conditioning systems. We proudly serve the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate and how Hilo Aire can help you with your AC installation so you can relax in comfort.